About the project:

The purpose of the ECOSERVE project is to equip students with a holistic perspective over ecosystem services and learn about collective responsibility towards environmental protection and prevention of further damaging situations. The aim of the project is preparing future specialists to deal with the complexity of the topic, making it factual and with a view on local, regional, and international situations, using different approaches.

If universities want to create deep-thinking, engaged, and self-aware students, they should undoubtedly turn to environmental education and ecosystem  approach in protected areas in particular.

Novel contexts such as biodiversity conservation, sustainable development and ecosystem services education require novel methods of teaching and teachers needs to be supported in acquiring and developing innovative teaching and assessment methods to increase all-around student’s citizens and transversal skills in students.


Project objectives

A key objective of the project is to develop a professional master’s program in ecosystem services in protected areas, taking into account the demand for

specialists in public services, private service providers, and the tourism business. Together with social partners (NGOs) and PA administrations as job providers, two Russian universities – Ulyanovsk State Agrarian University and the Buryat State Agricultural Academy, and two universities in Mongolia – the private university Eco-Asia EMU and the Mongolian University of Life Sciences – will develop and implement practice-oriented master programs in the industry.


The experience of creating and implementing similar master's degree programs in the EU countries and practical recommendations of non-academic partners will be considered in terms of the availability of graduates with the skills and abilities necessary for employers.

These activities will guarantee 100% employment of graduates of the master's program in Russia and Mongolia or in other countries.

What will be done

The jointly created curriculum will be innovative, as there are no such master's programs on the territory of the partner countries. part of the courses will be developed in English.

Also, in connection with the modernization of the educational process in universities of partner countries the material base will be updated.

The first two years of the project participants will work on the organization of the educational process for the implementation of the master's program on the management of ecosystem services in protected areas. At this stage, curriculum disciplines, competencies, practical training, and employment will be discussed.



As а part of this program the following activities are planned - working meetings, internships, international conferences and seminars.

In total, 12 events are planned, in which more than 100 people will take part.