Participation in the All-Russian conference “Development of rural tourism as a tool for the development of rural areas”

From 18th  to 20th of September 2021, the Republic of Buryatia welcomed the All-Russian conference dedicated to the development of the rural tourism: “Development of the rural tourism as a tool for development of the rural territories”.  The conference was held as a part of the “School of the rural tourism” project, that is implemented by Independent Non-Profit Organisation “Academy for development of social initiatives” with the support both of of the Grant of the President of the Russian Federation and the project “Accelerator of rural initiatives in the sphere of rural tourism and ecotourism” implemented by INPO “Academy for development of social initiative ” financially maintained by the EU.

  1. V. Lebedeva, the President of The National Association of Organizations of development of rural ecotourism, L. V. Gelibterman, the President of the International enogastronomy centre, A. V. Merzlov, the President of Association of beautiful villages and towns of Russia were the invited speakers who addressed a conference. The Head of the Centre of sustainable development of rural territories of the RSAU-MAA named after K. A. Timiryazev pointed that: “Development of the rural tourism in Buryatia has started thanks to the activity of the Buryat State Academy of Agriculture…”.

Tatarnikova V. Y. and Kisova S. V. representatives of the Buryat State Academy of Agriculture and the International project ECOSERVE also took part in the conference. Despite the busy agenda of the conference, they had a chance to present the ECOSERVE project, meet the colleagues and other participants, presented the project poster. So, the ECOSERVE project has broaden its activity and now Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaluga, the Transbaikal area, Altai and Irkutsk region are acquainted with it.

For us, the report of A. V. Yakovlev, Associate Director of FSBI “Kenozersk National Park” (the Arkhangelsk Region) was of the great importance and interest. The speaker presented their experience of development of rural tourism and ecotourism development designed by the staff of Special Protected Natural Areas at the  Kenozersk National Park as an example.

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