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Training Masters in Ecosystem Services Management in Protected



This project has been co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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About the project

Recognition of the protected areas and regions with specific environmental value is becoming topical all over the world, especially it has increased for the last three decades. Natural areas that are specially protected are keeping growing, that is why a numerous international strategies find it important to establish a potential and education as a key task for the 21st century. The project aims to develop an innovative and practice oriented Master’s Degree program that will correspond to the Bologna criteria in the sphere of management of protected areas. The program is also intended to satisfy the needs of sustainable development and labour market via the network activity.

Without knowledge of the program

Program knowledge base, resources and courses in the Russian, Mongolian and English languages will be constantly updated and disseminated through network of resource centres of the protected areas, promoting international cooperation in such issues as environment protection, nature and biodiversity preservation and management


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State Nature Parks
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Training Masters in Ecosystem Services Management in Protected Areas will become the whole new Master’s Degree program that will be implemented in the Russian and Mongolian Schools of Higher Education. This program allows participating schools of higher education  to cement their educational partnership with non-academic partners in the sphere of protected areas management as well as provide specialists that meet requirements of the state agencies, commercial services suppliers and travel industry. The Master’s training program in ecosystem services management in protected areas promotes easier adaption of strategies of land resources management to the changing natural factors such as climate, in accordance with the Aims of Sustainable development.

Target groups of ECOSERVE


Staff members of various special protected natural areas

Who are retraining and for whom it is of the great importance to perform a complex all-round activity, that aims to implement ecological projects and programs under their professional duties.

студенты и молодые ученые

Students and postdoctoral researchers

For whom it is necessary to take the program on ecological management for their research work. 

Portrait of successful business owner checking his employees work sitting at big table in modern office

Corporate management and other staff members of the organizations

Whose activity is connected with negative impacts on environment and who need to follow principles of eco-efficiency and eco-equity when performing their activities.


Business owners

Who want and who are able to provide economical and financial support of ecological management both in their own professional sphere and on a voluntary basis


Any person

Who would like to rethink his or her activity and way of thinking where ecological values and priorities will prevail.